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08 May

Apurna, a New and very Promising Brand of Amplifiers for the French High-End!

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Apurna-amplifiersIf most of the people you met, saying that they are interested in musical reproduction but they do not know, or only know few French brands, there is nothing really surprising about it. From my point of view, I even tend to consider this fact as a quality. Indeed, the French Haute Fidélité is placed, and has always been placed in the High End of the market. Let’s say that this is not unpleasant and however, it is quickly confirmed when you listen to partially French systems (speakers or amplifiers) or even when it is 100% French made.

The new French brands are also rather rare these days. This is one more reason to give a privileged place to those who support the French High Fidelity, in close relation to the excellence of the musical reproduction that each audiophile is entitled to expect. This new brand is called Apurna. It presents us several lines of amplifiers, resolutely situated in the Top of the High End.

Apurna, a Brand of High End Amplifiers resolutely different in Design and Originality

Apurna-amplifiersApurna is a French brand of analog amplifiers which aims to bring you several High End amplification solutions in terms of musical performances while associating the quality of a particularly studied, if not original, design. Then, we love or we don’t but for my part, I welcome this initiative that comes out of the same eternal paths of the High Fidelity when 99% of manufacturers, French or foreign, simply present you this eternal rectangular case of 44 cm, itself coming from the professional rack format.

Be careful, however, not to confuse everything. Talking about originality of design is not synonymous with originality in a connoted or negative sense, the Apurna design is unequivocal: pure if not cleared. Based on 3 collections (Soprano, Evidence and Apogee), each one of them gives you the choice of the colors, even of a leather covering for the Evidence collection. The Pinnacle collection will bring you even more options of colors and finishes. The vocation of Apurna is to combine elegance with technology, that’s how the designers of this new French brand of analog amplifiers conceived them.

High-level analog amplification combined with luxurious refinement rarely seen in the High End

Apurna-amplifier-french-technologyAt a time when some are lost with digital amplification technology patents and sometimes with very average sound results, Apurna has chosen a sophisticated analog amplification technology. Indeed, Apurna amplifiers are all manufactured in France, based on a technology inspired by the space domain to guarantee first-rate musical performances. Resolutely High End, the Apurna amplifier finish gives you the choice of the most noble materials to dress up your amplifiers.

And on the performance side, the first range of Soprano amplifiers already delivers 150 W RMS on 8 ohms, with a power doubled on 4 ohms (compatible with a load of 1 ohm). The bandwidth (at 150 W) is between 0Hz and 71 KHz (-0.1dB) while the signal-to-noise ratio (A weighting) reaches a level higher than 118 dB. RCA and XLR inputs are available, the speaker outputs are made with WBT 0702.01 in 24-carat gold finish. The preamplifier option is also available on request.

The Evidence collection offers an amplification of 200 W RMS, doubled on 4 ohms while the Apogée collection delivers 230 W RMS on 8 ohms, also doubled on 4 ohms. Naturally the possibilities of options also grow according to the chosen range.

As for listening to Apurna amplifiers, I look forward to seeing you at the High End in Munich from May 10 to 13, where the three Collections of the French brand will be presented in Hall 2, stand E13.

Eric Mallet


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