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11 Apr

Audiodynamics and L’audioexpérience are walking on the same path…

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New-Music-High -FidelityWe, Eric MALLET, author of the blog www.audiodynamics.info and Jean RAZZAROLI, author of the blog www.laudioexperience.fr, announce that our project is to REDEFINE THE LISTENING of a High Fidelity System. Too often unsatisfied with the listening we had in resellers stores or during trade exhibitions, we conducted a reflection on the market of the High Fidelity and its Actors, Manufacturers, Resellers and Clients…

We are able to find High Fidelity Systems without compromise, whose common point is to RESPECT the RECORDING and the intentions of those who took part in the sound recording. From now on, you will be able to ENJOY THE MUSICAL LANGUAGE in all its fullness, starting from an audiophile equipment, ideally implemented.

Real High Fidelity have to create a link from the Systems to the Audiophile Listeners

Far from the fallacious language and complacency still too often encountered in the field of High Fidelity, we will accompany you to make you LIVE YOUR MUSIC IN ANOTHER WAY. You and ourselves, have often wanted it. Soon, this project will become a reality (does it remind you of anything?).

We will keep you regularly informed of the progress of our project, until the date of its complete realization, that we hope to be as close as possible.

Eric Mallet and Jean Razzaroli

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