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04 Apr

High End 2018 Munich, Still the Greatest High Fidelity Exhibition in Europe

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High-End-Munich-2018-EntranceAs every year, and now for 37 years, the High End of Munich will bring together the Top of the Range and High End of our world of High Fidelity and Music Reproduction. If the 2017 High End has exceeded all the expectations of audiophiles in terms of listening, new electronics and loudspeakers, I guess we are about to expect as much from the High End 2018.

Considered as the largest European fair of High Fidelity without price or emotional limits, the 2017 edition of the show has enabled audiophiles from around the world to enjoy outstanding audio demonstrations. The organization of the show is particularly accurate and the space of the MOC of Munich is fully exploited during these three days. The 2018 High End Munich will take place from May 10 to 13, 2018. Presenting all types of digital and analog electronics, speakers, accessories, cables and other furniture with sales and services related to audio performances, we can expect an avalanche of innovations and novelties in terms of High End in High Fidelity…

More than 500 High Fidelity and High End exhibitors will gather at the Munich MOC Exhibition Centre

High-End-Munich-2017Large and small brands of the High Fidelity, more than 500 exhibitors will be present at the MOC of Munich to make you discover the best of the High End, innovations and novelties of the small world of the High End in High Fidelity. Just imagine that this High End 2018 will again benefit from more than 140 rooms on the floors of the show, not to mention the many listening rooms on the ground floor, next to the static displays.

Again, it’s a safe bet to say that more than 20,000 visitors on nearly 28,000 m2 will be coming this year to the show, bringing together unconditional fanatics of High Fidelity from around the world. Expecting more than 20,000 people at such a special event means that the MOC of Munich certainly receives the largest number of visitors from Europe. Site of all superlatives of High Fidelity, the German High End is also a place of particularly interesting interaction. Each manufacturer and designer presents its brand while listening plays succeed each other at the four corners of the show. It is quite hard under these conditions, to listen to everything or make an exhaustive visit of the High End in just three days.

High-End-Munich-2018Hoping to meet audiophiles coming from all walks of life who, like last year, had enriched me with their passion, I also hope that the French people and French speakers (from Switzerland and Belgium) will be many to take advantage of this High End 2018, a show that promises answer at least to the best audiophile expectations.

Just like last year, I expect a large dominance of vinyl turntables and digital files, not to mention the headphones that begin as well to represent a dominant part of the market. As evidenced by the Sound Days of Paris, the trend is now in headphones and vinyl, not to mention the astonishing profusion of DAC who are likely to swarm into the show, such as an essential electronic to the most musical listening of our Hi-Res digital files…

Munich’s High End 2018 brings together passionate audiophiles of all nationalities and backgrounds

Hor-Bar-High-End-Munich-2018For my part, I hope to see you all during this High End 2018, just as I had the pleasure of meeting passionate audiophiles during the 2017 edition of the exhibition. French, Belgian, Italian, Swiss, German, South African, English and other nationalities still, as professional distributors, manufacturers or resellers as audiophiles people who had come to discover so much music and new technologies. It was a pleasure to meet them and to be there, enriching this great exhibition. No doubt that these few days (which are really too short) of the High End 2018 will however satisfy our passion for music, reproduced by the best electronics and loudspeakers in the world…

For those who have not yet come to the MOC of Munich, it is actually very simple. Just start by reaching the centre and the pedestrian street, as if you were going to join the place where the Oktoberfest is held. A little before you get there, you will take the subway entrance Odeonplatz. Take Metro line 3 or 6. Go through Universität, GiselastraBe (…) stations until you reach Freimann. Go out there, head to the right to exit the subway. Then follow the small street that borders the metro (you will find a bakery / sandwich maker on your left). At the end of the street, follow your path on the left and continue straight across the street lined with residences. At the end of this street, turn right and follow the sidewalk for 200 meters. Here you are at MOC and High End 2018 🙂

I will see you soon in Munich,

Eric Mallet

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